The University of Pretoria’s Faculty of Veterinary Science is the second oldest and biggest veterinary science faculty in Africa. Apart from its formal under- and postgraduate programmes, the Faculty and its partners have recognised the need and is supported by a host of esteemed partners who have recognised the need to provide high quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training for veterinarians and para-veterinary professionals.

All information on AfriVIP is available free of charge under a Creative Commons License. Only where accredited CPD points are earned for continued South African Veterinary Council registration purposes as a veterinarian or for either of the veterinary para-professionals, a nominal fee is charged.

Selected topics have been packaged into course modules which provide career path opportunities to qualifying people. Completion of the required number of modules presents opportunities for the accumulation and transfer of credits to short courses and registered formal qualifications of the University of Pretoria. Terms and conditions apply.

Continuing Professional Development

A comprehensive range of CPD options is available and will be continuously expanded. Earn CPD points after studying any topic and completing the online test. All information is available free of charge, under a Creative Commons license. Where assessment in the form of online quizzes is required for CPD points, users will register and pay a fee.
How to register for CPD activities
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