What is SAP Learning Hub Student Edition?

The Student Edition of SAP Learning Hub is a learning portal that provides access to a comprehensive range of learning content on SAP solutions. At a fixed subscription fee, universities can obtain educational resources that provide instant access to a vast repository of online training resources on SAP solutions.

SAP Learning Hub is an offering from SAP Education, a global provider of Information Technology (IT) training and education, that is used by a world-wide community of learners aiming to advance their career by studying for SAP certification. Professionals across industry sectors also use SAP Learning Hub for day-to-day knowledge retrieval, as it provides on-demand access to the very latest course material and software information.


• Students can prepare for future employment on their chosen career path or prepare for SAP certification exams

• Combines the benefits of the traditional classroom setting with innovations in digital education, social learning and the dissemination of knowledge

• A flexible learning environment that supplements academic curricula, as it enables students to acquire practical expertise in their chosen career path and interact with peers and industry professionals

• Students gain an early appreciation of the need to engage in continuous professional development and develop the skillset required to compete successfully in the global job market

• Structured enablement through guided learning rooms

• Unlimited access to specific learning content related to students

• On-demand learning anytime, anywhere

• Most cost-effective way to learn about SAP software

• Exam preparation for SAP software certification

• World-class learning with a market leader

How does it work?

Students will receive unlimited access for 12 months to more than 145 courses, including e-learning courses and course textbooks. A subscription to SAP Learning Hub also qualifies a student to purchase additional hands-on practice in a training system from SAP with the SAP Live Access environment to maximise learning.
To enroll for any of the available SAP courses please CLICK HERE for our enrolment form.